Episode #007 – Criss Cross Applesauce with Crossroads Brewing Co.

From left to right: Adam Krawczak, Rob Sager, and Chris Anderson

In this episode we sit down with Rob, Adam, and Chris from Crossroads Brewing Company. Crossroads has two locations, one in Athens, NY and the newest being in Catskill, NY. What a fun group of guys to spend the day drinking beer with. The highlight for me was how you can tell everybody loves where they work and it shows in the dedication and hard work everyone puts in.

Also, we had to give a huge shout out to Melissa Saturnino. While we never talked about her on the show, the guys made sure we knew what a pivotal role she plays as the general manager.

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Show Notes

2:33 – Get to know Adam Krawczak, Chris Anderson, and Rob Sager and how they became part of the Crossroads Brewing and craft beer love. Each of them was able to turn their love of home brew and beer and make it a profession.

15:40 – We start getting into the details of the Athens and Catskill locations. Then we start getting into discussing their hoppy Pilsner Greens Fees. This session-able or crush-able beer, however you say it is amazing. This beer has quickly become a monster hit for them.

21:15 – Adam gets into why it can be so hard to fight against all of the IPA big names out there. Meanwhile, a simple Pilsner like Greens Fees offers a huge hoppy flavor that can be crushed all day long. Crossroads has been smart in knowing who they are and not following trends but creating new ones.

28:48 – As the brewery progressed they always saw a need to be progressive. While many places avoid change, they always know that change is important for growth.

31:35 – Why the name Crossroads? The owners were at a pivotal point in their life. Here we talk about some of the history of the brewery and it’s beginning. The first location in Athens opened in 2010 to mainly be a music hall. It was almost unfortunate that the beer took over and the music had to stop. Besides that, the beer was completely maxed out. While wanting to stay in the area but needing to grow, the Catskill location served as a great opportunity to stay close to home but ramp up production. Also, the Catskill location has allowed them to follow their love of music with the new style of tasting room.

Catskill taproom

45:05 – Their Chef Amanda is a well trained chef from CIA yet understands how to make a menu that balances between fancy and blue collar crowds. As many chefs want to be creative, she is able to create amazing specials while offering delicious family friendly food like mac and cheese or cheeseburgers that people keep coming back for.

48:23 – One thing that helps Crossroads stand out so much is the care that everyone has. From the owners down to bartenders, everyone cares and has made this place their identity. You can’t search Crossroads without seeing endless awards for the beer, food, and business as a whole.

Chris touring us around the brewery

Beer Tasting

51:44 – We start getting into some beer tastings. Outrage IPA was an amazing tribute to traditional West Coast IPA’s. It was the type of IPA all of us home brewers choose to make for ourselves and something you don’t see on the market very often these days.

1:01:10 – We start talking about the NEIPA or Hazy IPA so many love. While everyone brews it these days and it seems so simple, their is an art to making these beers stand out. Adam explains how the concept is easy but there is a lot to making them stand out and taste good. Chris ties it nicely, “what can you do to make it different when everybody has the same ingredients?” NEIPA is a difficult beer if you want to stand out because the grain and hop bill is very limited. Pretty much you are going to have most taste very similar and yet people demand this style of beer.

1:05:35 – We go into Chris’s beer Golden Spear which is a sour ale which was an absolutely delicious and kettle soured for 3 days.

1:15:55 – We taste the last on the list, the Black Rock Stout their flagship stout. Chris describes it as a farmers stout because of how chewy the grain bill is. Very fresh and their most award winning beer.

Thanks For Listening

We had an awesome time at Crossroads Brewing. Each of us appreciate you stopping by and listening to the episode. We post a new episode every Tuesday and in the mean time please check out some other stops like Fort Orange Brewing or The Traveling Cheeseboard.

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