Episode #008 – Good Farm, Good Food, Good Nature Brewing

Owner of Good Nature Farm Brewing – Carrie Blackmore

In this episode we took a long but nice scenic drive from Albany to Hamilton to visit Good Nature Farm Brewering. Here we sat down with Carrie Blackmore, President and Co-Founder of Good Nature Farm Brewing. A staple in New York’s Farm Beer scene, and beautiful place to stop in for a beer.

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Show Notes

2:10 – We take a little time getting to know Carrie and the town of Hamilton.

3:45 – Carrie really learned about beer after visiting Germany. Coming back to the US, with the help of friends she was introduced to craft beer in America.

6:45 – Learn about the beginning of Good Nature and how its progressed over time.

8:50 – Within no time they had to upgrade their brewing system due to demand.

10:55 – It’s interesting one of the reasons why they jumped on the new farm brewery license. Imagine going to a brewery and not being allowed to buy a pint of beer.

11:40 – Good Nature has a neat high efficiency brewing system. They can triple batch in the time another brewery does one or two batches.

14:20 – We learn a little about the location and its offerings.

17:15 – Going back to opening day they were shocked that they ran out of beer so quickly. While tweaking the beers over the years, they have one that has never changed. The American Brown is the same as it was day one.

18:50 – When they opened there was no such thing as farm brewing. The truth is there was not much available from farms for the beer. While Hamilton was once a huge hop land, that was not the case when opening. They kind of lucked out with hops, but malt farming was very difficult to find.

22:27 – Carrie as a member of the Brewers Association is part of the discussion in promoting the growth of brewing in NY.

23:55 – Having a culinary background, food has definitely played a role in experimentation. Carrie approaches beer like food by taking time to taste and smell each ingredient to create a fuller flavor. She has made some interesting beers using ingredients from local farms.

26:30 – It is a huge bonus being able to get to know the farmers providing your ingredients. Likewise, with the brewery and restaurant, Good Nature is able to help local farmers prepare for the next year.

30:20 – It is interesting to see such a large brewery yet they are still quite small. Carrie wears many hats working in the brewery.

30:55 – They have two oak foeders for their sour program called “Kung Foeder.” With Bruce and Jackie Foeder, they use this for their special releases.

33:58 – Carrie takes us through some of their other beers brewed at Good Nature Brewing. She also discuss some of the beer perception in this small college town.

38:15 – While trying to keep up with fan favorite styles, they make sure to keep a steady flow of what they really like as well. Carrie loves all beers but really loves either a good porter or pilsner.

39:25 – During this time of year they launch their summer concert series supporting local and national acts. The biergarten gets very packed during the summer and a great experience for all.

Thanks For Listening

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