Episode #011 – Sounds of the Bay with Beagle Bay Organics

The Beagle Bay Organics team

We had a great time with Beagle Bay Organics Owner Keith Pratt. Located in Bradenton, FL, they make many neat things from sauerkraut to kimchi to hot sauce and beet kvass. Keith is a true master with his product and very happy to teach and share his knowledge with us.

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Show Notes

Ron and Keith in deep conversation… not really

3:55 – Keith is a native Floridian and been pretty much local to Bradenton his whole life.

4:18 – We learn about why Beagle Bay Organics was created. It all started with his wife’s health issues. Changing their diet to eat cleaner foods, they stumbled upon sauerkraut. Keith took a class and realized how easy this stuff is to make. Before they knew it, they were selling this product.

7:15 – Learn how the name Beagle Bay name came about.

7:55 – Keith as a hobby was making beer and wine at home. While this is a hobby that takes work and constant attention, Sauerkraut is so easy.

9:07 – Keith teaches the simple step by step process of making your own cabbage.

12:05 – What most people know as sauerkraut is not what Keith makes. This is raw sauerkraut that is not mushy and bland. It is still fermenting and super fresh.

13:28 – While many will avoid sauerkraut because of the bloating it causes, Keith explains the reasons. The first couple of days of eating it, you will bloat and be gassy. Yet, this is your body detoxing and after a few days it really cleans up your gut. There is a lot of amazing health benefits.

Eating Sauerkrat

Getting ready to try some Kimchi

16:24 – What are the many ways of using sauerkraut? Keith explains the many ways to use sauerkraut and how they use it at our recording location, EnRich Bistro.

18:29 – Where can you get your hands on this tasty sauerkraut? Keith gives the details so you can grab some near you.

19:47 – We start tasting out the different variants. Each one was amazing and unique. Coco, of course, loves the Gluten-Free right on the label.

22:30 – Beagle Bay uses Celtic sea salt because of the high mineral content. Keith recommends not using any iodized salt but other than that, most salts will work just fine.

28:22 – Keith goes into some of the other unique products he makes like hot sauce and spicy mustard.

30:45 – Trick of the trade, Keith plays music for his products and thinks reggae is their favorite.

32:15 – Not released for sale at the moment, but Beagle Bay makes beet kvass. It is super healthy and delicious. Perhaps in the future, this will be available to try.

Thanks for Listening

We had a great time recording this episode and hoped you enjoyed listening to it. Not only does Beagle Bay Organics make delicious sauerkraut and kimchi, but it is extremely healthy for you. We have many more great episodes of local companies like Colonial Shrubs and The Traveling Cheeseboard.

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