4/22/19 This Weeks News, Celebration of Greg Rapp, Seeds of Hope, and more

Celebration of Life, Greg Rapp

This Saturday at Rpp Brewing they will be celebrating the life of late Greg Rapp. A brew master who made an impact in the beer scene and many people’s lives, will be celebrated for his efforts. While people will be sharing stories, there will also be lots of German food and new beer releases.

Seeds of Hope

Escape Brewing will be doing their Seeds of Hope IPA release and festival this Saturday. There will be 12 plus breweries with 40 plus beers to try, and of course tasting glasses and live music. Get your tickets soon.

More to come, but until then…

Have you checked out our new Beer Me 5 T-shirt? We got all kinds of cool shirts up for sale now and more to come. Not mention working on releasing our hats, phone cases, and more.

Sometimes I ponder over the stupid things I did in my twenties. I’m sure we all do. Do you remember that game Edward 40 Hands? How stupidly fun was that?!!! Get a couple 40’s duct tape them to your hands and you can’t take em off until your done with both. Realistically 40 ounces is just 5 pints of beer. It aint a whole lot. It only really sucked when you had to pee. Like 2 beers worth in and you get that urge and say, “nah it’s cool. I got this.”

Then by like the end of third and start of the fourth you are dancing like a fool, trying to distract yourself, or find any means to cope. Probably the hardest part is convincing yourself that the faster you finish your beer the faster you can go pee, despite the fact that you are possibly going to be too messed up to even find the toilet. “Sorry about your fridge man!” Oh, the good ole days.

I realize that into my 30’s I have matured. No, I don’t play these silly games anymore. I just go to the taproom and say, “hey beertender, Beer Me 5!” That way when I need to pee I go pee. But talking is hard too so I figured why not just have a shirt that does the talking for you.

Beer Me 5

The Pool Boy

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