About Us

Located in Clearwater, FL comes Florida’s Food and Brew Network.

We are seeing a boom in growth for Florida’s food and beverage scene. However, there is still a long way to go especially in regards to food. While beer is exploding, coffee is steadily growing, it still appears to be a few years away from taking off.

The team here at FLFNB is filled with experienced members in the food and beverage community. We have worked as chefs, bartenders, restaurant managers, beer brewers, distillers, wine makers, barista’s, and more. This extensive experience helps us to peer into the struggles and passion that drives fellow artisans.

While most of our careers were planted in California and New York, being back in our home of Florida has opened up the possibility to discover and shape something new. A chance to help the community discover and explore all that there is to this industry.

We hope you enjoy our journey and we wish for it to help guide yours.

What To Expect

We are a Podcast and Brand that discusses all things food and beverage industry related.

Being a Florida based company we want to focus primarily on Florida. After all, there is so much potential and endless things to explore in this state. That being said though, we come from many backgrounds and locations here and realize that there are many great things happening elsewhere as well. By looking into the industry outside of Florida we can help progress our own education.

Our shows will mostly include interviews and discussions with local artisans on their craft and their efforts. We want to know the story behind the scenes and where they are headed.

At times however we will bring on guest from elsewhere to discuss a new book, newly created beer style, or to gain a better understanding of their impact on the industry as a whole.

Who knows, we may just hit the road also and take you on a tour somewhere out of state.

Your Florida Food & Brew Crew

Ron Nattress- The Pool Boy

Founder / Show Host

Ron AKA “The Pool Boy” is a former chef, beer brewer, award winning home brewer, and mixologists. With a passion for all things food and industry related he has spent years studying everything he can on the subject.

Born in Upstate New York and grown in Florida it was after moving to California in the early teenage years of his life where food became a passion. He stated his career taking cooking classes and developing some basic skills in the kitchen. At age 15 he was able to beg his way into an unpaid internship at a premier Italian restaurant called Oliveto.

Oliveto was owned by celebrity chef Paul Bertolli at the time and managed by Executive Chef Paul Canales. It was an opportunity to learn from some of the best chefs in the world and truly develop his skills. After 8 months of hard work, he was hired on to run the downstairs wood oven.

After one year a new opportunity opened up at newly opened restaurant Dopo. A small neighborhood restaurant with passionate owners Dopo was ready to make a statement. He spent many years helping Dopo make its name, expand its walls, and eventually open a second location called Adesso.

During this time Ron developed a passion for craft beer and started brewing at his home. What started as a small hobby turned into a lifestyle. Going from one carboy to 10 in a short time, Ron was constantly brewing and keeping a steady flow of various beers. From pale ales to Belgian strong ales, he brewed everything ale related.

Utilizing his lessons in the kitchen translated well with beer brewing. Not only brewing standard beers, he started using fresh local ingredients and often threw out the rule book. One of these being a Belgian style Dark Rye beer that went against all BJCP profiles at the time and became a multiple Best in Show winner.

He spent the next couple of years opening and managing restaurants including the brewpub Creek Monkey Tap House and Rocksteady Brewing.

These days Ron spends his time back in Florida exploring and writing about all things industry related. During his free time he enjoys building furniture, off roading, and exploring the outdoors with his wife and blue tick coon hound.

Chloe Claire – Coco

Co-Founder / Co-Hosts

Chloe AKA “Coco” is well known for her poetry writing. Over the last couple years she has made a career working as a ghost writer for many blogs on a wide variety of topics. Since graduating as an english major in college she has written about finance, lifestyle, cooking, art, and so much more. She is never shy about getting in front of people to get the true story.

With a passion for baking she has spent many years working as a caterer for weddings, anniversary parties, and more. From cakes to cookies she can do it all. However, recently diagnosed with Celiac’s she has had to switch gears and learn alternative methods to baking. She now works hard at helping others to enjoy gluten free cooking. No longer being able to enjoy whiskey and beer has proved a challenge to her as well. However, that has lead her into searching out other alternatives which she will gladly talk about over a drink.

Born in the Yosemite forest of California, Coco truly is a simple country girl. She loves big trucks in the mud, George Strait, and Kayaking. As a teen she spent her summers as a white water rafting instructor. And growing up as a contractor’s daughter she can do anything from build a house to bake a cake.

Her quick wit, strong opinions, and sense of humor are some things that makes her so vital to Florida’s Food and Brew Network.