Beernoculars Episode #7 – Milo’s IPA by St. Pete Brewing Co.

Not what I expected. I never had Milo’s IPA but had many of the IPA’s at St. Pete Brewing and found them to be enjoyable. The brewery is a nice spot and the beer on tap is quite tasty.

I was half expecting to at least enjoy this IPA.

How do you half expect something? Not sure but this missed the mark.

Over the top malt character that left a bad taste in the mouth. The beer had no real personality. It was just a flat boring beer.

A true disappointment for me.

What mostly surprises me about this is the fact that this might be someone’s first attempt at trying a beer from St. Pete Brewing. If I just went to the store, grabbed Milo’s IPA with no knowledge of the brewery, I would not be inclined to visit.

Your production beers should always help get people through the door. Milo’s IPA fails drastically in that regard.

That being said, even though I truly disliked Milo’s IPA the brewery is a great spot with good beer on tap.

The Pool Boy

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