Beernoculars Episode 10 – Deja Moo by Hidden Springs Ale Works

In this episode I check out Deja Moo by Hidden Springs Ale Works. I was a bit skeptical about this one even though I love this brewery.

0:30 I start describing the beer to be reviewed and you see why I was a bit skeptical. The idea of chipotle peppers in a stout was intriguing but in a scary way. I have never been a fan of spicy beers even though I love spicy things. Granted chipotle is not really a spicy pepper but it does have some heat to it.

1:30 The can is cracked open and ready for a pour. Deja Moo pour with a nice dark color and foamy head.

2:15 Surprisingly there is not a ton of aroma. Besides being a true stout in aroma with bitterness and chocolate, the other elements like chipotle don’t come through.

3:30 I go in for a taste. Really would not be able to tell this is more than a stout. Has a very clean stout flavor. However, over time letting it linger in the mouth the complexity really comes through. The chipotle and other ingredients really give a balance or character to the beer. I actually like the chipotle because of how well it took down the sweetness of the beer.

5:10 Overall this is a great brew. Despite Deja Moo missing on the aroma, the flavor was wonderful. Has a nice balance and uniqueness throughout.

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