Beernoculars Episode #4 – Exotico Blanco Tequila

On todays episode of Beernoculars I switch things up a bit and try out a tequila. Exotico Blanco Tequila is up for review on the video above or you can read the show notes below.

Show Notes – Exotico Blanco Tequila

Exotico blanco tequila initially does not have a huge sensory factor when sniffing it. I found it to have a nice raw agave scent. Very fresh feeling. As you sniff the tequila you start picking up aromas of salt, coconut, and banana. It was reminiscent of being on a cruise ship.

Which really is perfect in that this is a good tequila for mixing things like a margarita.

The taste is smooth with a slight bitterness. There is some earthiness to it which can be common in a young tequila. While not having a ton of personality it has just enough to be enjoyable on its own.

Interestingly this is a double gold award winner in 2016 during the San Francisco Competition. While I can very easily see this winning double gold, I don’t agree that it is a best in class tequila. There truly is no off flavors or anything bad about the tequila which makes sense why every person on the panel would all give it gold in a blind taste test. However, I like a little more character and body to my tequila.

Sometimes perfection to me comes in the form of the minor imperfections that give personality. Overall though, for the price this is a great option. For roughly $18 you can have a great quality and flavorful tequila that will mix well and sip well.

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