Citrafied Review

There is a well known saying that, “practice makes perfect.” That is very true when referring to Citrafied Pale Ale brewed by Due South Brewing Co.

What took about a year of blind tasting with customers to experimenting with flavors, Citrafied was slowly crafted to find the right mix. With that level of testing you would expect a truly good beer in  the end. It is not common to see such an effort made for one beer, at least not often talked about.

Question is, in the end did they get it right?

Yes they did!

Citrafied is an amazing pale ale from the moment you pop the can and smell the aroma of beer in the air.

Between aroma and taste there is an abundance of citrus flavors that include tangerine and fresh orange peel.

Very light body, well carbonated, and well balanced it is easy to get down in no time and be sad that it ended too soon.

Due South Brewing truly hit the head on the nail with Citrafied.

There are times when I feel Citra hops are a bit overrated. Not in the sense that they are not good or worth the hype. More of in the sense that when Citra came out everyone went crazy. There are so many Citra centered pale ales and IPA’s these days. Most of them do little to excite when making a big claim, “this beer has Citra!!!”

I can’t say that with this beer. They proclaim Citra right on the label and the beer stands out. The explosion of hops in aroma and taste are pure joy.

Looking at the lineup there is no surprise that this beer and many of their others are award winning.

While very well distributed in Florida, I recommend you pay them a visit next time in Boynton Beach.


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