Episode #001 Tidal Brewing Co.

David & Maxine Peitzman. Co-Owners at Tidal Brewing Company

We had such an awesome time with David and Maxine Peitzman at Tidal Brewing Company. Love the journey they are on and all that they are doing with their brewery.

If you have not visited Tidal Brewing just yet, please do so soon. You won’t regret it. The beer is phenomenal and quickly becoming one of my favorite places in Florida.

Also, don’t forget the big 1 year anniversary coming up May 3rd through the 5th.

Below we have provided some show notes to follow along with if you would like. Besides hosting our podcast here on the website, we also have it streaming on Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play, and Tune In.

If you would like to support what we are doing please visit the store for some Florida Food and Brew Gear. Now onto the show!

Show Notes

1:30 – We learn about where David and Maxine were from originally and how they ended up in Florida.

1:45 – They started their careers in teaching doing educational field trips. This introductory position introduced them to full time public teaching jobs.

2:58 – David was a home brewer for a long time. His biology background has been an easy transition for him with brewing and teaching.

3:20 – Home brewing together was quickly their hobby together. A cheap way to enjoy beer and develop a love for it. Their time with each other dating involved visiting local breweries and that craft beer community was something they loved.

4:12 – Maxine explains the ultimatum between dating and beer. Her style of choice originally was hefeweizen and belgian wit’s. Whereas David living in New Orleans fell in love with Abita Turbodog and Andygator. Those two beers were just “it” for him.

5:41 – We learn about Chunky and Rufio, their two dogs who you will get to see at the brewery on occasion.

7:18 – We discuss how popcorn is the best treats for our dog. Yes it has to be buttered.

8:20 – We get to learn a little more about how they have involved some community members. Other investors are husband and wife team along with a married couple who are president and vice president of the local home brew club.

9:24 – What’s the draw for Spring Hill? Weeki Wachee is the hot spot close by. The area is quickly expanding and there is some beautiful spots around to visit.

10:31 – Spring Hill area was never not the option to open. They live here, their other jobs are here, and with Marker 48 close by it was a great chance.

The Brewery Journey

11:30 – The brewery is actually an old car wash. It was a perfect location and saved them a ton of money.

13:15 – It took about a full year to get the doors open. Difficulties with contractors and the county made it exhausting.

14:20 – They originally got approved as a caterer for some reason.

14:50 – Maxine explains how the community came together and helped them get things done in order to open.

15:18 – They included one of their students to come in and paint on the walls. The artwork their is awesome.

16:15 – Why the name Tidal?

17:10 – 6 months in the hit that no turning around point where it was sink or swim. They invested so much money that they decided to keep going no matter what and have loved the first year.

19:30 – They did get some opportunities to represent their brand at a few festivals ahead of time. But did not get to start actually brewing until about 2 months ahead. It was their goal to always keep in house beer only.

21:10 – They make sure to keep a varied beer menu along with always having wine and cider.

Tidal Brewing Beer Chat

21:48 – David talks about the beers he loves to brew and the ones he is not crazy about.

22:38 – Why so many German beers? David loves lagers and his trips to Germany and Belgium has helped him see beer at another level.

24:37 – They do a lot of IPA’s and keep some other unique options up there but lager is the majority.

25:37 – What are rotating hops? David keeps the same recipe but changes the hop profile. For instance Grown and Sexy is always a little different. Part of it has to do with difficulty in getting hops.

27:25 – David talks about some of the difficulties in getting hops from local places. It would be awesome though to see local hops really catch up.

28:46 – They always keep the Blonde, Double IPA, and another IPA always on there. Besides that it always a nice rotation.

29:20 – Maxine talks about her busy role leading the staff, and being a first contact in all operations. Though both share turns behind the bar and doing whatever it takes to help out.

31:10 – David brews about 1 or 2 times a week at Tidal Brewing. With the full schedule he comes in and does about a 5 or 6 hour brew session. David explains some of the difficulties of brewing without distribution and limited space. It takes a lot of planning. In the future he will have some help.

Check out the Big Event

33:26 – May 3rd through 5th they are having their 1 year anniversary. There will be new can releases along with music and limited edition gear.

34:36 – They love the loyal fan base and with not much else around it’s them and Marker sharing the love.

New Gear

We have some new gear up in the shop and more coming each day.

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