The Novel of Flying Boat Brewing

Flying Boat is a unique location. Named after the historical moments in the 1914 when the first water plane took off from St. Petersburg to Tampa Bay. While only 19 miles of separation, steam boat travel took around 2 hours. With this remarkable moment in history, travel took roughly 23 minutes and made a monumental change in travel possibilities.

Tucked away in a little town just north of the main downtown hub is Flying Boat Brewing. Driving there is interesting. You are in what feels like a quiet little industrial town. Between suburban houses and factories Flying Boat fits in well.

Flying Boat is a huge block building at fits right in with the area. Walking in you are greeted with tons of artwork all over the walls celebrating its heritage and name.

Grab a beer and peruse the premises while gaining an education.

Something Different

The number of breweries that offer beer and yoga classes is infinte. While many places have a similar trend of things to do, Flying Boat is different.

Here they offer beer and art showcasing local artists and their talents. On the day we stopped by was a deaf artists Ashley Hannen featuring some her latest work.

This is a regular affair at the brewery. They have painting classes, a regular stream of artist presenting their work, and more sophisticated evenings.

That is not to say they don’t offer the traditional fair like trivia nights and live music. Yet, you can not argue that they are trying to offer something to a different crowd of beer drinkers. This makes them fascinating on that fact alone.

Flying Boat Beer

In recognition of pioneers before, the beer follows suit. With a large selection to choose from, there is a beer for everyone. Although, they are always pushing the boundaries of flavor profiles and what can be done with beer by boldly being new and exciting.

For our short time able to visit I went for their Across the Bay it Gose with Prickly Pear. This was a sour Gose at 4.3% ABV, 1 IBU, and a healthy price of $4.50.

Instantly this beer gave the idea of a table beer. Something that would be light and easy to throw the back. That is exactly what it was.

It was so light and refreshing with only a slight sourness. The prickly pear was a nice touch. At first it was not very prominent but as you sip it comes through more and more. You could say, “it gets sweeter as it Gose…”

I know that was terrible. But the beer was not. I absolutely love a beer like this. With a low ABV and clean profile, you could easily throw back a ton of these and not feel like you had a lot of beer.

While this brewery may be a bit outside of the downtown St. Pete boom, it is a place worth a visit and a few extra minutes of travel.

The Pool Boy

A lover of all things food and beverage related, Ron Nattress is on the constant hunt to learn and experience all he can. A man of many hats, he takes his passion from grain to glass to readers.

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