Beernoculars Episode #9 – Gourds Gone Wild

In today’s episode I check out Gourds Gone Wild from Tampa Bay Brewing Co.

1:00 time to open Gourds Gone Wild. Here I discuss TBBC’s locations and the fun of going to the brewery.

1:41 I discuss the nice ruby amber type color. Very clean with only a slight haze. I love the color of this beer though. Very rich an inviting.

2:15 You will start getting the aromas. Pumpkin of course being key but there is a nice balance of things like clove, cinnamon, and other fall spices.

3:05 I dive deep in for first taste. Interestingly there is a nice lighter body to this beer. Despite the lighter body, there is some amazing pumpkin pie flavors going on. The vanilla profile comes out a bit more but one thing that really stands out is the bready quality. I love a good crust on a pumpkin pie and this really has that buttery crust taste.

4:45 Gourds Gone Wild really is one of the best pumpkin beers I have had. Despite that, something was a bit off in the flavor. I kind of felt like this has the alcohol flavor that comes from a vanilla extract. It did not taste very natural and while it is understandable to use an extract it did hinder the flavor. Perhaps this is a personal note but something that I noticed.

Overall Gourds Gone Wild is a very good beer from TBBC and one you should check out.

The Pool Boy

A lover of all things food and beverage related, Ron Nattress is on the constant hunt to learn and experience all he can. A man of many hats, he takes his passion from grain to glass to readers.

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