Green Bench Brewing Co.

Life in Pinellas County can be amazing if you are a beer nerd like me. There are so many wonderful breweries to choose from and they all have a wide variety of styles and cultures. One of my personal favorite stopping grounds is Green Bench.

Located in the heart of downtown St. Pete and walking distance to Tropicana Field, it is prime real estate for good beer. Simply park your in the area and take a stroll down Central Ave and you almost feel like in a different state than Florida. Wall to wall eateries, bars, craft shops, it is a neat little area.

Front Door at Green Bench

Tucked away in the back you will see Green Bench. A rustic brick building with wide open windows. You hear the sounds of conversation and background music filling the air. While many places are quiet on a Wednesday night, Green Bench is lively.

Granted, it is nowhere near as lively as a weekend or when the Rays are playing. However, any time you go you can expect a fun crowd.

The Beer

Green Bench is well known for their IPA’s and for good reason. They make some wonderful IPA’s. I love the Turbid series, Happy Hermit is one of my go to’s when buying a six pack, and they make so many other unique ones to try.

However, while they are known for IPA’s I am particularly a fan of their foeder beers and wild fermentation ales. They had many to choose from and I had a tough time picking.

However, I decided to bite the bullet and went with their Stead Ale.

Stead Ale enjoyed outside at Green Bench

Stead Ale is a Farmhouse Ale fermented in a foeder. From what I have been told it has been brewed with European Pilsner malts, oats, and wheat. It is double dry hopped with New Zealand Rakau and Simcoe hops. Stead ale is fermented using their house culture S. diastaticus and Brettanomyces.

At just under 5% it was an absolutely delicious session-able ale. Nice hazy straw yellow color with a light foamy head.

The aroma was light but complex. Hints of sour funk, citrus, and pepper filled the glass.

The taste was the lightly sweet with a nice bitterness. The hops played a roll but were some what hidden in the mix. However, the noticeable bitterness reminded me of tropical fruits and citrus peels. That slight bitterness paired with the tang of wild yeast made this a truly enjoyable beer on a wonderful night.


Everything about the atmosphere at Green Bench is spot on. The indoor bar is not so indoor with the huge windows letting the nice breeze in. However filled with music and conversation, it can be a great place to sit back and enjoy a beer.

Outdoor seating at Green Bench

For myself personally, I rather head outside to the garden area. Take your pic of low and tall tables, or patio chairs in circular fashion, either way there is a lot going on. Place is family friendly so you will see kids running around. Its also puppy friendly so us puppy parents can bring our kids too.

Isabella visiting Green Bench

Outside is more my cup of tea or beer I should say. Its relaxing, quieter, and I love the inviting atmosphere it offers. They have recently been making some upgrades as well like a new turf and new fencing.

Despite all my love for this brewery, there is one bad side to the atmosphere. That bad side can be the bartenders.

Most of the bartenders are quite friendly and helpful. Sad to say, lately there has been a couple bartenders and one in particular who has left us with a negative experience. The downside to this is I purchase less when I am there. Fine with one beer and out the door is my routine lately with them. On a recent trip a few friends skipped even ordering a beer because of a bartender. I try not to let this deter me from coming back but this can cause some to do just that.

Despite this issue over the past few visits, Green Bench offers a great experience. With quality beer, ciders, and location, it is one place every person should have on their bucket list.

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