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Introduction Trailer Show Notes

Thank you for stopping by to check out our introduction trailer. We have had so much fun getting this podcast going and are delighted to be up and running. If you have been reading our articles or following us on social media you probably have an idea of who we are. Although, we wanted to tell you a little more about ourselves and let you see who we are.

00:20 – The Pool Boy has found a new gadget on Dude I Want That. Literally its a glove that is fun to put on but not to take off. It’s a Chinese finger trap on steroids and you would have to be insane to buy it. Especially at $1000. Sadly, the Pool Boy would try it just to see if it works.

01:40 – We welcome you to the show and introduce ourselves as Coco & the Pool Boy.

A little about us

01:55 – Coco gets a chance to tell you a little about who she is. Interestingly Coco does have Celiac’s so gluten is no longer her friend. Having been a lover of beer and whiskey in the past, she has had to find new sources of alcohol. These include, ciders, meads, and gluten free beer.

03:33 – The Pool Boy discusses his entry in to the culinary world. Discusses how he got into brewing beer at a young age for “science.” He became a total beer nerd and has lived his life nerding out over alcohol and food.

06:30 – What we are about. We started working as a blog and realized we needed to go in a different direction. We felt a need to start a brand that is built for raising awareness for Florida with food and beverage. Florida is advancing but still has a ways to go before catching up with other areas.

07:50 – We are more about creating stories and helping people feel more connected to each place they visit. While photo and written stories are great, we feel this podcast can really help increase that story to draw more people in.

09:12 – We are excited for who we have coming up. While we are still recording many episodes we don’t want to say just yet who is coming up. Still deciding who will launch first over others.

How to get in touch and support us

10:00 – Don’t forget to get in touch with us. you can hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Instagram is the best way as we are always on there.

Instagram: @flafoodnbrew

Facebook: @FLFoodNBrew

Twitter: @FLFoodNBrew

10:48 – In order to show support we want to hear your voice. This is about building community so any suggestions you have or thoughts, tell us! Also, you can visit our shop and get some FLFNB gear.

11:21 – We also have a very important project we are working on called Pints for PCOS. This health issue affects millions of women and with every item sold in the #PintsforPCOS category we will donate the cost of a pint ($6) to the PCOS Foundation.


The Pool Boy

A lover of all things food and beverage related, Ron Nattress is on the constant hunt to learn and experience all he can. A man of many hats, he takes his passion from grain to glass to readers.

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