IPA1A by 26 Degrees Brewing

Party Foul

Man overboard!

Yea that is frustrating… Open up a nice cold beer only to have it foaming out the top instantly. The rush to get it to the glass in order to save every possible drop only to be left with a bad pour.

I managed to only lose a little beer. But left with a massive head in the glass I was forced to wait for the beer to be ready. I could never be a doctor. I don’t have patience.

All kidding aside while that is frustrating to have your freshly opened beer over flow, I was excited to try this IPA.

I love a good hoppy IPA and 26 Degrees did not disappoint with their IPA1A.

An American style IPA coming in at 6.4% ABV, IPA1A is exactly what you expect a good IPA to be.

Full array of hop flavors that hit your tongue instantly and just lingers along in your mouth. While at times this can be obnoxious in many IPA’s I did not find this to be the case.

IPA1A had no foul aftertaste and remained absolutely balanced. In fact, as the beer warmed up, I actually felt like it got better. That can’t be said for a lot of IPA’s as the hops tend to taste foul as the beer warms.

This IPA is definitely on the lighter body side of the style yet the malt flavor was great. The combination of malt and hops gave a wonderful citrus heavy profile that never became over bearing.

26 Degrees describes the beer as being heavily hopped near the end and you can tell. The hops are just so fresh and welcoming wit every sip.

I have yet to visit Pampano Beach but this brewery is a destination I would love to check out. As I get the

first of the podcast episodes recording and ready to roll, this is definitely a brewery on my radar.

Curious to find out if there is a story to the Sloan tattoo…

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