Lazy River Bourbon Review

On the hunt

Late afternoon and I am on the hunt for some whiskey.

Typically when it comes to buying and drinking whiskey I opt for a bourbon above all else.

Granted I love scotch and Irish whiskey as well but there is something truly satisfying about bourbon. The warmth, lush mouthfeel, the spice and sweet combo, whatever it may be, something about bourbon is just satisfying.

It’s like a cup of coffee in the morning. I love tea. In fact, I have spent a ton of time studying tea through my career. Yet, tea just does not have the same sensation a cup of coffee can provide.

Certain things just create enjoyment more than others.

I went to my local ABC beverage store on the hunt for a bourbon. I was bone dry out of whiskey at home and that had to change. Now at the time I did not have much to spend. Wanted to keep it around $20.

As I went up and down and up and down a few more times I almost walked out empty handed. Was not finding anything to catch my eye in that price range.

Then low on the shelf and not doing much to grab attention I found Lazy River Bourbon.

I have never seen it before, never heard of it, and there was not much information to sway me either way. Literally was just a bottle with a label saying take a chance on me.

My thoughts

I walk out of this store with a $25 bottle of bourbon I had never heard of and excited to dive in.

I get home open the bottle and instantly there is a wonderful smell coming from the bottle. Light spice in the air but not too much to leave wondering if you singed your nose hair. For a 90 proof alcohol I would normally expect to have an initial burn but that was not the case.

Pour it into my glass and throw in some whiskey stones because while I like my whiskey neat, I also like at least a slight chill to the beverage.

Sniff the whiskey…

Take a sip…

Not bad at all.

In fact for the price, this is a really good whiskey. Very well balance flavors of vanilla, raisin, earthy tones, spices like cinnamon and black pepper, and some dried fruit tones. Good mouthfeel that is about medium bodied but robust. Everything just went together nicely. Granted, it is not world class nor would I expect it to be at this price but when you compare other bourbons in this price range, Lazy River is quite exceptional.

There is a caveat

What is Lazy River Bourbon? Who makes it? Where does it actually come from?

That is the weirdest thing for me is that there is little to no info. No website or marketing of any kind.

The bottle says Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey so we know its at least 51% corn and aged for at least two years in Kentucky with new American oak barrels. Beyond that, there is not much to be found.

Doing a little digging I found out that the bourbon is made in Kentucky but bottled by Frank-Lin Distillers in Fairfield, CA. Would truly love to know more about this brand but it seems anonymity is their thing for the moment.

Either way, I would recommend that you give Lazy River a try next time on the hunt for a bargain bourbon.

The Pool Boy

A lover of all things food and beverage related, Ron Nattress is on the constant hunt to learn and experience all he can. A man of many hats, he takes his passion from grain to glass to readers.

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