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Maybe I am feeling a little nostalgic for the time spent in California and developing my beer nerdiness. After all, I stopped in my local Total Wine and imbibed on the samples of California wine. I don’t particularly miss California in any way, shape, or form. But something was calling out to me when I saw Mega Mix Pale Ale.

There she be

Mega Mix is a west coast style pale ale and that is very noticeable. With a heavy dosing of Citra, Mosaic, and Galaxy, the hop profile is apparent. With heavy amounts of dry hopping I was excited.

As soon as the can was popped the room filled with aromatic hops. It pours a nice hazy orange color shows signs of nice carbonation.

When I began tasting the beer, I was instantly impressed by the dry hop flavor, the citrus tones, and the medium body that was balanced and smooth.

Everything about this beer was perfect for me. Again, it could be the nostalgia of west coast beer but through and through, this is an amazing pale ale.

Coming out of Doral, FL is MIA Brewing Co. This year there has been two pale ale’s to really catch my eye. One being Citrafied and this being the other.

When I look back at the year and ponder over my favorite beers, this will most likely have to be on the list. Easy to drink and truly enjoyable. I might have beergasmed slightly.

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