Pan Filo’s

Pan Filo’s is on Clearwater beach, but a bit off the beaten path. It can be a bit difficult to find tucked away behind the tourist shops. The signs are small and often it is slow during the day until the nighttime party crowds flood in from the beach.

On the inside, Pan Filo’s open concept seems to be split down the middle. On one side of the establishment, there is a bar, in the middle of the room high top bar tables, and on the other side restaurant style wood tables.

Often service is slow and non-existent at times. However, the staff is very kind and helpful.  More times than I want to recall we have had to go to the bar to order from the bartender due to the speed.


Taco’s and Drinks

All of this is only a minor nuisance because Pan Filo’s is the taco spot! Friday they have 3 tacos for $10. This is a great deal because these aren’t your normal Mexican tacos. These are kind of a California street fair taco. With home made tortilla’s they are fantastic, with toppings like goat cheese and peppadews.

Tacos like De Cabra, Get Shorty, and Mero, you can’t go wrong. But the best of them all is the Cuban Pig. It is gloriously a cuban sandwich in taco form.

The thing that makes this a great date night spot is that it is also the bar. Beers for him and margaritas for me. These are some top notch margarita’s as well. No skimping on the tequila, agave dipped rim with salt for that perfect salty sweet mix. Truly a great margarita on a date night or hot beach day.menu and margaritas

Pan Filo’s Consistency

One downside with this place has been consistency. When they are on they are on. However, when its an off night it has been bad.

With the amazing fresh food and quality drinks, this place could be a top place along the beach with a little better quality control. Maybe they need to work out some kinks and quirks.

Whatever the case may be, Pan Filo’s still remains one of our go to taco places and places to visit while at Clearwater Beach.

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