To Red Cypress we say Farewell

Sadly it was announced yesterday that Red Cypress Brewery in Winter Springs, FL would be shutting down at the end of the month. Quite a shock to hear as this has been a brewery I have enjoyed for quite some time now. It was announced in their facebook post on May 20th,

From Red Cypress, “we are sad to announce we are closing at the end of the month. We appreciate all of the love and support these past few years.
We are thankful for everyone who believed in our dream and helped us to make some great beer! On this journey we met some amazing people and had some awesome experiences and for that we are very thankful.
We have some of the most amazing staff there is and we will miss them dearly!

We send our best wishes to the entire Red Cypress crew.

Early days of Beernoculars trying Foret Sauvage

Some highlights for me

While they had a small selection to choose from with Devil’s Chair IPA, Death Roll, and Spook Hill, they were solid beers. For me though it was about the releases they had which were a bit secretive. There was little advertising or mention of their wild ales. I just happened to stumble across them one day and that is where my love for Red Cypress began.

In particular was Foret Sauvage. This was a Barrel Aged Saison with Brett and was delicious. Kind of had a bready texture with a good amount of funky sourness.

It was a very complex beer which was expected being that it was a mix of three barrel aged batches from 8 to 18 months. There was also multiple strains of Brett added to the mix before being bottle conditioned.

A very nice beer and one I will always remember.

Second on my list is Wild Ones.

This light beer was a Foeder fermented wild ale with American Brett. Aged for one year this beer had a huge nose. So much funk bouncing around. But the joy comes from the glass filled with cherries and apple pucker.

This beer has a very white wine feel with its tart flavors and earthy qualities.

Sadly, Red Cypress had some good things going in its beer production. I don’t know for sure what led to this decision and perhaps will never know. While the beer scene continues to explode in growth though, there are many great gems like this struggling to find a place in the market. Beer shelves are getting crowded and at times good beer will get missed.

I am glad I had a chance to try some of these amazing beers and will be looking to stock up on a few before it’s too late.

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