Spook Hill by Red Cypress Brewery

Is Spook Hill an Everyday Beer?

Lately I have been hunting for those every day drinking beers. Perhaps its the warm weather but I have had a craving for my style of everyday beer.

Having started my beer geek lifestyle in California, I grew up in love with hoppy beers.

I will take a good pale ale or IPA any day.

Granted I have a deep love for all kinds of beers but hops are my bae.

I found Spook Hill by Red Cypress Brewery to be interesting in a good way. From Winter Springs, FL, Spook Hill is a 5% ABV and 34 IBU pale ale.

Open up a can of Spook Hill and you find a murky amber color with a small frothy head.

There is not a ton of aroma from this beer. I noticed some light citrus aromas but besides that it almost has no scent.

This follows suit with the body as well. There really is no body to the beer for me. It enters your mouth with very little malt profile and very light and smooth.

However at the back of the tongue you get hit with a ton of apricot, grapefruit, lemongrass, and a whole array of citrus flavors.

The hops hit you at the same time as well and they kind of just linger at the back of your throat saying, “I’m here as a friend when you need me.”

At first I was not sure how to feel about this. The hop profile is not intense in any way making this a very light pale ale.

I was not sure if I liked it at first but as I started to drink the beer, I found it really enjoyable. This truly is an everyday drinking beer.

It has enough of everything you need if you are craving a pale ale and yet is not going to over power you. This is the type of pale ale that you casually throw back a few on a hot day and feel good doing it.

There is no nasty aftertaste. The initial hop flavor just lingers along nicely between sips.

I would not say this is the most exciting beer as I think it could benefit from a little more character. Overall though, I say well done to the brewers.

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